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Chasing stock dogs is what we do

General Info, F.A.Q.s & Rules

No works here are free for use UNLESS otherwise stated as stock or free for use.
If you want to use someone's photos or artwork YOU MUST ASK THEM! Do not ask the club, do not ask me. It doesn't work that way. I have no rights to let anyone use any works displayed here except my own and that's generally a big fat NO with me as well.

:bulletred: Please only submit photos/artwork of dogs of the herding group. this includes breeds not yet recognized by AKC. Also any breeds that deal with livestock such as Anatolians, Great Pyrenees, etc are gladly welcomed as well if submitted to the proper folder.

:bulletred:Other breeds are not allowed unless photographed with a welcomed breed. I.e. you can't submit photos of a Golden Retriever or Husky unless they're in the same photo as let's say a Border Collie. If you're not sure please ask feel free to ask any of the admins/mods.

:bulletred: If your photo is declined you are welcome to ask for a reason but it's 99.9% because YOU failed to submit to the proper folder. Please do not argue with admins or mods. If we decline due to mislabeled, categorized or wrong breed it is because without a doubt we believe to be correct.

:bulletred: If you submit a mixed breed and we can not without a doubt find any visible herding breed in your dog it will NOT be submitted to this group. This check is done by looking through your gallery to see other photos to double check and make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Please remember to send ME not the club a note if you're having problems with anything! Sending it directly to me ( XetsaPhoto ) will ensure it gets read and answered as soon as possible.

Special information - Information on some of the gallery/faves folders.

Pattern White & Double Merle (aka "Lethal White") Information - Just a touch of useful info on Pattern Whites & Double Merles. It's worth a read if you're considering a breed that carries the merle gene and has what is considered excessive white.

Important group changes, rules and about drawings! - New breed information and regulations.




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