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Chasing stock dogs is what we do

General Info, F.A.Q.s & Rules

We are a group providing a collection of some the best artwork and photographs of dogs in the Stock/Herding Group. Whether the photos or art of these amazing breeds are hard at work, goofing around, relaxing or just an extremely nice portrait of them, we welcome them with open arms.
Not all art and photos submitted will be accepted because we are looking for good quality work to help artists and photographers not only get their names out there but to help promote any products they have and help people who are most interested or specialize in these breeds find these products for their homes and collections.

These dogs were bred to work and their jobs range from moving herds of sheep and cattle to protecting them from predators such as wolves, coyotes and wild cats. Many also had jobs of keeping away flocks from their farmers' fields. Many of these breeds also excel in canine competitions such as agility, flyball, stock trials, disc dogging, and much more. You also see these amazing dogs in many new world jobs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, dogs for the handicapped, therapy dogs, police canines, Search and Rescue (SARS), dogs for people with crippling social anxiety and even dogs clearing our airline runways of birds and other wildlife.

No works here are free for use UNLESS otherwise stated as stock or free for use.
If you want to use someone's photos or artwork YOU MUST ASK THEM! Do not ask the club, do not ask me. It doesn't work that way. I have no rights to let anyone use any works displayed here except my own and that's generally a big fat NO with me as well.

:bulletred: Please only submit photos/artwork of dogs of the herding group. this includes breeds not yet recognized by AKC. Also any breeds that deal with livestock such as Anatolians, Great Pyrenees, etc are gladly welcomed as well if submitted to the proper folder.

:bulletred:Other breeds are not allowed unless photographed with a welcomed breed. I.e. you can't submit photos of a Golden Retriever or Husky unless they're in the same photo as let's say a Border Collie. If you're not sure please ask feel free to ask any of the admins/mods.

:bulletred: If your photo is declined you are welcome to ask for a reason. Please do not argue with admins or mods. If we decline due to mislabeled, categorized or wrong breed it is because without a doubt we believe to be correct.

:bulletred: If you submit a mixed breed and we can not without a doubt find any visible herding breed in your dog it will NOT be submitted to this group. This check is done by looking through your gallery to see other photos to double check and make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Please remember to send ME not the club a note if you're having problems with anything! Sending it directly to me ( XetsaPhoto ) will ensure it gets read and answered as soon as I see it.

Special information - Information on some of the gallery/faves folders.

Pattern White & Double Merle (aka "Lethal White") Information - Just a touch of useful info on Pattern Whites & Double Merles. It's worth a read if you're considering a breed that carries the merle gene and has what is considered excessive white.

Important - "Mini" & "Toy" Aussies - New breed information and regulations.


So firstly I'd like to point out there are SEVEN (7) new breed folders for the group. Three of them say pending because they are in the AKC misc class but are designated for the herding group likely in the next year or two.

Secondly PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SUBMIT TO THE PROPER FOLDERS!!!!!! If you do not take the time, you are not entitled to a reason for why it was declined. As it is right now I run this group pretty much solo and I do my best to stay on top of submissions between my own busy work and personal life.

Also, breeds not recognized by AKC (the American Kennel Club) and are not known for working with livestock can not and will not ever be allowed in this group. The ONLY exception is when they are photograph with a breed that is allowed here. For example; a Labrador with a Collie or a chihuahua with an Entlebucher Mountain Dog or an Australian Kelpie with a Dalmatian.

And last but not least;

"Miniature" Aussies are as of 2011 NO LONGER CONSIDERED AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS! The same goes for "toy" Aussies.

The "miniature" variety are now called Miniature American Shepherds and ARE working towards AKC recognition.

What does all this mean to me?
Well if you are a Mini Shepherd owners and want to submit artwork/photos/sculptures/etc you are currently required to submit to herding breed specialized. Until the breed gets AKC recognition they will not receive their own folder.
There are absolutely NO exceptions to this. If you submit a "Mini" or "Toy" Aussie to the group it will be declined. We are only allowing Miniature American Shepherds. Your "mini" or "toy" Aussie is not magically a Miniature American Shepherd.

About drawings
While we do accept artwork, please keep in mind folks that they must be realistic to the breed. This means we do not accept outrageously colored dogs. It's one thing of a photo of a dog with a dyed coat color it's another when it's a drawn "character" that's pink with neon green highlights and orange flesh.
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olivercat56 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi. My pictures were declined. They were of my ACD, and I submitted them to the correct folder. I was wondering why they were declined?
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I make dog collars and own a German Shepherd / Husky cross (looks almost full blood GSD, but he has 1 blue eye) I was wondering if there was a way I could make a post sometime about the collars, or if it was okay to post photos of my dog wearing the collars? Specifically, I plan on having a coupon for those who own a herding dog breed and would love it if your group could post a journal about it and have the coupon up. If that's not okay, I respect that! Just wanted to ask.
XetsaPhoto Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Professional Photographer
We have honestly never been asked about this before. I'll let you know an answer by tomorrow. :)
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you very much! I saw in your groups description you were interested in products for herding dogs, so I wanted to be sure to ask :)
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